The Golden Matura 1995

On 7 June 1995 the event of the Matura certificate handing took place in the Maria Konopnicka I Liceum Ogólnokształcšce in Legionowo. It was a very special day for our school because the fiftieth age group of graduates was leaving. It was the Golden Matura celebration. The representatives of the local government as well as the first three graduates from 1945 were present, the Rector of the Warsaw University, the graduate of our school, professor Włodzimierz Siwiński, the graduates 1995, their parents, their tutors, the teachers, and the representatives of the Society of the Students and Graduates of the School took part in the celebrations too. " It is a great day in the history of the school and the town (...)the fiftieth age group of graduates is leaving the school ...", the Headmistress Bożenna Bańkowska said openning the ceremony the GOLDEN MATURA 1995. In 1945 six students took the final examinations. They were: Barbara Rykaczewska, Zofia Zasieńska, Jerzy Kubalski, Ryszard Hertel, Miczysław Kiełbiński and Wacław Wardencki.
Their pictures are placed beside the pictures of the graduates 1995. The 129 students from now on belong to the group of almost 3,5 thousand graduates of I Liceum Ogólnokształcšce im. Marii Konopnickiej in Legionowo, finishing the first fifty years of the school existence and opening its new age.

Prepared by E. Żebrowski