Diamond Matura


On 10th and 11th June 2010 we celebrated 65th anniversary of the first matura exam.


The Memorial Plaque


The celebration started on Thursday with the unveiling of the memorial plaque placed on the wall of the school building, in the memory of the teachers and workers of Legionowo Secret Secondary School. The Plaque was founded by the local authorities. "You can't think about future, not knowing the past," said Brygida Wagner-Konstantynowicz, the principal, while speaking about heroism and deep patriotism of the people whose names were on the tablet. The board was unveiled by Mrs Bronisława Romanowska-Mazur, the originator and ex-student of the secret learning during the German occupation, in company with Włodzimierz Siwiński, Jerzy Siwiński's son - the former head-master, and the officials of our school. The ceremony was followed by the priest prelate Lucjan Szcześniak blessing, a short prayer and speech. Flower bouqets were brought by the representatives of the town and county authorities, the representatives of The Polish Teachers Society, and the students.


At 1pm students, teachers and the guests attended a ceremonial service in St. John Cantius Church, and then, the delegations placed flowers on the graves of the teachers buried in the city graveyard.


Youth Parade


On Friday, 11th of June there was a colourful and cheerful parade of students and teachers as well as former students marching along the streests of our city. Then, a fashion show "From Forties till Now" took place at the city market. It was prepared by one of the 1st forms.

The Celebration in City Hall


The official celebration took place in the City Hall. Before it started, class 1b had danced a beauliful polonaise in the frontyard, and then everybody went to the hall for the Anniversary Benefit Performance.


The first part started with a multimedia presentation, showing the history of the school, its development, achievements and most important moments. Then, Mrs. Brygida Wagner-Konstantynowicz, the head-mistress thanked the people who contributred to establishing of the school, and the ones who are doing it now. She also presented the first "Friend of School" cards to the following: Roman Smogorzewski, the current president of Legionowo, Jan Grabiec, the foreman of Legionowo county, the priest prelate Lucjan Szcześniak, Zenobia Mróz – the ex-inspector of school-board and the Maria Konopnicka Secondary School Graduate Society.


Then, the speeches addressed to the head-mistress, teachers and students were delivered by the president Roman Smogorzewski, the deputy Zenon Durka, and Elżbieta Waldeker, a chairman of the Graduate Society. Also, the letter written by the Warsaw Chief School Administrator was read by the representative of the Warsaw School District.


In this part, the school choir conducted by Mrs. Danuta Baranowska gave the performance.


After a short break, the artistic part began. The students prepared a play with elements of music and recitation. Then, we organised talent contest – students acted, danced, sang and played the instruments.


After the celebration in the City Hall, everybody went to the school building, where a small banquet took place. There was also an occasional exhibition there.


Booklet and other gadgets


For the Anniversary, a booklet introducing the history of our school was made. We also prepared other occasional gadgets: the calendars with caricatures of teachers, pens, buttons and cups.