Brilliant anniversary of the first "Matura" examination.

Over five thousand students have graduated from this school and this year we could
celebrate 60th anniversary of the first exam.
Ten years ago our school celebrated the "golden matura", but the students who were leaving
school had a chance to meet only some of the first graduates. This year it was different, we
meant to see graduates from various years. Since our students live everywhere - in
Legionowo, in other parts of Poland and also abroad - it was difficult to inform everyone
about the celebrations. We did our best to inform everybody and we apologize if the
information did not reach all.

The celebrations started on 3rd June in the afternoon when our students placed flowers on
the graves of the teachers who used to work in our school.
The next day started with the mass in our parish Jan Kanty Church. The mass was serviced by
the bishop, the provost ad the priests - our graduates.

The school choir sang several songs in the church.
(You can listen to some of them clicking here.)
"Boże, cos Polskę"

Then we all started the parade from the school building, along the streets of our town to
the previous seat of the school at 12, Kopernika street, where one of the representatives of
the Society of School Graduates presented the shortened history of the school.

The main part of the celebrations started after the parade in the sport hall of our school.
Before the official meeting everybody had the opportunity to see the exhibition showing in
pictures, diplomas, and articles the history of the Liceum.

All generations' meeting started at 1.00 pm.

The local authorities, the guests, the retired and the present teachers, and former students
gathered in the sport hall. The representatives of the school government asked the
Headmistress MA Brygida Wagner-Konstantynowicz to welcome the guests and to introduce the
activities of the former Principals. It was a great honour for the school community to
receive the former Principals MA Alicja Sobierajska and MA Bożenna Bańkowska. They
personally could tell the gathered about their work in this school.
Another very pleasant moment was when the Principals (the former and the present ones)
rewarded some teachers for their over 25-year-long work in this school.

Then the Head of the local government and the President of Legionowo conveyed the wishes.
Later our graduates: Aleksander Łuczak, Artur Żmijewski and Jacek Szczepański and some other
guests delivered their speeches.

MA Małgorzata Piwowarczyk - the "boss" of the ceremony informed the audience about the
initiative of preparing the monograph of our school.

Not everyone invited was able to take part in the meeting personally, but sent the
wishes and greetings.
In the artistic part of the ceremony the school choir and some students presented their
programmes. You can listen to some songs clicking here.
"Kochasz ty dom"

"Już ucichły piosenki"

After the official part the graduates had the opportunity to meet their friends from their
classes in assigned classrooms.
In the main hall our students prepared tea, coffee and cakes for those who wanted to have a
chat there.

In the evening, those who enrolled earlier took part in the graduate ball which ended in the
very early morning.