The second Polish - Israeli student meeting

The second Polish - Israeli student meeting took place on 19th October 2009 in Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej in Legionowo. The representatives of the local government, over 200 teachers, parents, and students from Israel as well as Polish teachers and students participated in the meeting. The coordinators of the project are our teachers mgr Kinga Cieślak, mgr Agnieszka Filipowicz-Wesołowska and mgr Magda Bziuk, with the help of many others.

It was a special event that had great impact on all, who took part in it. The meeting was run by the student representatives from our school, who were well prepared to handle such a task. The purpose of the second meeting was to teach teenagers from Israel and Poland to create relationships between one another on the bases of their vast interests. The workshops and talks had a really friendly atmosphere and all these exceeded our expectations. Both sides, the Israeli students and the Poles, had an opportunity to "test" their English speaking skills, and all of them passed the test satisfactorily. We are looking forward to the next meeting.

Adam Jankowski from 2i