The first Polish – Israeli student meeting

The first Polish – Israeli student meeting took place on 4th October 2007 in Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej in Legionowo. 140 students, their parents and teachers from Ramat Hasharom arrived at our school.

The project was prepared by our teachers Kinga Cieślak and Agnieszka Filipowicz-Wesołowska with the help of some other teachers and many students.

The goals of the visit were:

• Creating full dialogue in peoples’ contacts.

• Changing international stereotypes and prejudice.

• Creating relationships between young people on the bases of their interests

• Deepening the Polish – Jewish dialogue.

• Starting and later intensifying the cooperation between the two schools.

This rather short meeting enabled the students not only to meet and talk, but also to start relationships.

The County Head Mr Jan Grabiec, The President of Town Legionowo Mr Roman Smogorzewski and the Principle of LO Ms Brygida Wagner-Konstantynowicz from Poland as well Mr Arieh Gitelis from Ramat Hashron and obviously the students took part in the official meeting in our sport-hall.

Mr Arieh Gitelis presented our school a special medal commemorating the meeting.

After the official opening, the young people divided into small groups and went to classrooms to discuss things they were interested in, like:

- Problems connected with their countries and people living there.

- Janusz Korczak as a human connection between the two nations.

A tree commemorating the meeting was planted in the schoolyard.

The meeting in our school did not last long, due to a very intensive programme of the visit the Israeli had. Then the group from Israel and some our students went to Warsaw to continue the programme of the visit.