Spain 1996

Thanks to Tamara Cesarz we had a chance to go to Spain in August 1996. She had been there before, so She and E. Żebrowski decided to organize a group of students from our school and their parents and go to Lloret de Mar. Costa Brava, we have always dreamed about it, and now the dream was to come true. The journey by coach to Lloret de Mar was quite tiring, but it was nothing in comparison to what we were going to see. On the way to, in Spain and on the way back to Poland we could practise our English. In Lloret de Mar, those, who wanted to see a bull fight, could do it (only the parents). We went to the Flamenco club to see the dancers. It was fantastic. One day we went to Barcelona and Monserrat. Seven days in Spain was more than nothing, but there was time to come back home. The way to Poland was more interesting than the journey to Spain. We travelled via France to Geneva. The night in FORMULA 1 was very pleasant and refereshing and then we could visit Geneva, Lucern. The way home was long, but very educational. We also paid a very short visit to Vienna. The trip was so great that we decided to organize another one next year.
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