Italy - August 1993

Holidays, holidays! We started in 1992 with the visit to London and it was impossible not to continue the trips. After all one can speak English everywhere. A group of thirty students, their friends and the tutors (Wanda Rycharska, Krystyna Nowak, Eugeniusz Żebrowski) went to Italy. Summer there is very hot, and it was even hotter because some students went abroad for the first time. We stayd in hostels in Miramare, not far from Rimini. We had good sunbating and visited interesting places. We had trips to San Marino and Venice - very impressive places. The visit to aqua park gave us a chance to use all the water fascilities gathered there. Italia in miniatura, fantastic, you have to go there. One can see there miniatures of the most important, characteristic Italian buildings or places. The park is devided into sections and you can see there The Alps, an airport with aeroplanes, and some world famous monuments. The visit was really fascinating.