School Club AJA:

In the school year 1985/86 the form IIIb (humanistic profile) iniciated adaptation of the school wearhouse to a club. It needed an enormous ammount of work. All the materials for the adaptation were collected by the students. The majority of work was done by the students of IIIb. The name of the club comes from the inicials of the most active students: Adam Karolak, Jacek Więcławski and Adam Oleszczuk. The main aim of the club activity is to help the students. It is a place, where the students can stay and spend time after the lessons, using internet or taking part in various events like discos, class parties. The club promotes creativity of the youngsters by their participation in competitions, reviews and meetings. Anna Ostrowska is the head instructor in the club.

Prepared by Anna Skłodowska-Wiśniewska & Eugeniusz Żebrowski
Translated by Krzysztof Hansen and Michał Piekarski (1b, 2002/03)