School library

The school library is situated on the ground floor of the school building. It comprises the library, reading room, reference library and the archives.
Two librarians work here.
In 2003 the number of all the volumes in our library came to 20 000.
We equip our students mostly with the school reading but also we have: periodicals, maps, multi-media CDs and so on.
Our library has been computerized and now it is very easy to borrow books. Every student has his library card.
The students have the access to internet.
Our library is a place, where one can spend his free time in a pleasant atmosphere. We organize exhibitions, reading contests, book fairs or excursions to museums of literature or libraries.
Our best readers are prized every year.
Yearly we get for the students about 500 new books.
Our school library has had its chronicle since 1986.


Prepared by Alicja Makuch and Eugeniusz Żebrowski