Maria Konopnicka
(1842 Suwałki - 1910 Lwów) poet, short-story writer, interpreter, children story writer.


Maria Konopnicka`s works are significant for the students of our school in important moments of their life. The artistic programmes based on Konopnicka`s poetry add splendour to the school ceremonies: 8th October - the day of our Patron`s death, we celebrate the School Day. On that day first form students are officially welcomed to the school society. They swear the oath, are presented the school emblems, and given their chronicle books.

One day before the School Day, the first form students take part in:
ˇ The Patron competition
ˇ The Konopnicka poetry reciting competition.

Places worth seeing:
-The Maria Konopnicka Museum in Suwałki. (Muzeum Marii Konopnickiej - Oddział Muzeum Okręgowego w Suwałkach.)
-The Maria Konopnicka Museum in Żarnowiec. (Muzeum Marii Konopnickiej w Żarnowcu.)